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This is an early release version of a jobs board to let folks kick the tyres a bit, and to get practical feedback as to what features job seekers are looking for. It presently focusses on the UK tech sector, both start-up and traditional IT. Early days yet - it doesn't even have a name!

There's two things offered here that I think set this apart from other sites at the moment. Firstly, data is copied directly from employer websites, like the search engines do, so it is both up-to-date and high quality. Secondly, the high quality of the data allows for accurate geo-positioning.

At the time of writing there's 200+ jobs here, but this will slowly increase, and it'll be interesting to see whether keeping the data up to date is as feasible with 1000+. Watch this space.

So, while this is an experiment, the data is genuine and up-to-date, so if it helps you get in touch with employers you're interested in, that's great. Let me know of any successes you have.

Let me try it!

Text last updated 8 Aug 2015

I have a progress board absolutely stacked full of enhancements, and the trick is presumably to add them in something approaching an optimal order. There are absolutely too many to list, but here's a few:

The interface could do with some improvements, but that's really the whole point of this early release version - to find out what is required, and how to make that intuitive to use. So... what have we got?

The screen is split into two: a map containing clickable pins, and a sidebar to explore the data. The map is zoomable using the zoom controls on the left, or double-click to zoom into an area. Clicking on the head of any map pin will open a dialogue balloon, where job and employer information can be viewed.

The sidebar contains search data. It is populated initially with 30 records at random, and by default will run a fresh search relating to the area of the map you are looking at. So, when you zoom into an area of interest, the sidebar will update automatically.

If you want to search job titles and descriptions, no problem - just click the "Filters" menu and put in what you're interested in. For example, "PHP MySQL" will return quite a few results. There's sort options here too - if you want to see the distance your commute will cover, switch on the distance options and run the search again. Search results are limited to 30 rows presently.

I'll collect here the issues I already know about, to save them being re-reported. Some of them will be worked on, while others will be merged into the forthcoming design refresh.

Absolutely anyone is welcome to contribute to the feedback process! I'm using Reddit at present, as there are some cool startup/project discussion rooms there.

If you've come in from Stack Overflow, then email is a helpful feedback mechanism: please drop me a line to {at}

As the project develops, I'll branch out to Twitter too.

Contains plenty of open source software!

Uses MySQL, PostgreSQL, the Apache HTTP server, GNU/Linux, PHP, Leaflet, jQuery, HTML Purifier, PHP Metrics, PHPUnit, Composer, PHP Geodetic, Cron Expression, Goutte, DebugBar, Guzzle, Propel, Symfony Components, and probably a few more things. Thank you to everyone in this fantastic community.

The map tiles are from OpenStreetMap and are served from volunteer-run servers. Thanks to all involved.

Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2015. Contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and database right 2015. Contains National Statistics data © Crown copyright and database right 2015.

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